Fibronaut At Home

Back(ache) in Colorado

on May 30, 2012

Since I last posted, I went on a family outing to Palo Duro Canyon and then helped my youngest be a shark in the pool.  Those two things combined produced precious memories and have left me with an unbearable back ache since Sunday.  I spent my last day in Texas mostly sleeping and hanging out in my Mother-in-Law’s bed because I was in so much pain in so many places.  I read maybe one chapter on my Kindle because I kept falling asleep at the end of one page, waking up and then reading the same page.  I’d get to the bottom and realize I’d already read that part.  The pool was cold and by the time I was able to drag my baby out of the pool, I could barely stand my knees were so weak.  Whether that was from all the Jaws action or from the mini-hike (I probably did a quarter of what all the other adults did) at the canyon, I’m not sure.  I enjoyed watching everyone else having fun but I miss joining in.  It was only two years ago that I would be walking as far down the creek as I could with everybody else.  I’ve never enjoyed the caving,  but at least I’d go a little ways.  My hubby and I used to take turns playing with the baby in the kiddy pool.  Now it’s just me in the shallow end because I don’t have the energy to swim one lap and my throws of the balls are worse than my three-year-old’s.

It is now Wednesday and we are home and after posting pics of the vacay to Facebook and now typing this, my left arm wants nothing more than to be limp at my side for the rest of the day.  I am alternating my heating pad between my back and my knees.  I had enough energy yesterday to make my kids and their two cousins re-heated mac & cheese and weenies but my feet and ankles were so swollen from the 9 1/2 hours in the car on the drive from my Mother-in-Law’s house to my Mom’s house that even that took all of the energy and concentration that I didn’t have.  It’s always amazing to me how I can be hurting so bad and yet my brain doesn’t tell me to just sit down already.  I’m still trying to cook like a normal person.  I burnt my fingers three times because I kept forgetting to use the hot pads on the hot pot.  Duh!  Then we had to drive home which is another hour and a half in the car.  My hips were screaming at me by the time we got home and now I’m supposed to make ramen for the kids but all the suitcases are in front of the stove.  Thank goodness it is summer vacation for the kids so I have a ten-year-old and an eight-year-old for all my heavy lifting.  Sharp pains in my arms and hips and spasming fingers are ending this post.  Here’s to ramen noodles for lunch and whining kids doing all the chores I can’t.

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