Fibronaut At Home


on June 13, 2012

As a continuation of the funk I’m currently in, I’ve had another let down this afternoon.  My Mommy called and, in what I believe is her Mommy ESP, let me know that she met someone with Celiac disease who’s pain has been reduced by consuming raw milk. She and another person have bought part of a cow and instead of getting the cow’s meat, they get the cow’s milk.  Rewind a couple weeks, and in my attempt to visit as many fibromyalgia blogs as possible, I came across another bloggers post about reducing pain by consuming raw milk.  (I would do a link to their post or mention their name, but I’m not sure if they’d be okay with this and I don’t know how to do the link thing but she liked my Funk post from today which I saw right before I started typing this.  Coincidence?)  I was surprised and encouraged when my Mommy mentioned this because I really wanted to try it.  We happen to know several dairy farmers so I thought it’d be easy-peasy (I’m all about the made up words today according to Google Chrome) lemon-squeezey.  Unfortunately, my hubby initially nay-sayed (if that’s a word?) the request because he thought there was no way any dairy farmer would do this.   However, after hearing the whole purchase-the-cow-then-you-can’t-get-in-trouble spin, I thought we’d be good to go.  Nope.  He’s still not on board.  I’m disappointed because all I want is to feel better, and no matter how silly an idea seems, if I want to try it, I would appreciate some support.  I don’t pay the bills and had I known he was paying the bills at the time, I would’ve waited to ask, but still.  That doesn’t mean I don’t get a say.  I do the laundry.  I could make unfortunate things happen to his favorite pieces of his wardrobe.  I feel so strongly about this because this could be life changing not only be but the whole family.  I’m taking 800 mg of ibuprofen three times a day and he is the one always telling me that I need to drink more milk.  I’m not sure how much this milk would cost but it doesn’t hurt to ask.  Right?  Where my girls at?  Can I get a what-what?  Girl power!

Sorry.  Lost track of what I was talking about there.

Ok.  I had to update this post.  My hubby came home and after dinner, got right on the internet looking for cow-share programs.  Holy expensive milk batman.  We just can’t afford to try the raw milk at this time.  Thanks for reading and yes, I am aware that I need to be a little more patient with my hubby.  He’s not superman and I’m no Lois Lane.

2 responses to “Milk

  1. Tammy says:

    I heard you were talking about me over here and thought I’d check it out – just kidding. But I do think you’re referring to me – Hi, I’m Tammy and I drink raw milk! At the moment, I’m in a flare and wondering if the raw milk was working, but I did have 10-12 consecutive really good days. Better energy, pain level of maybe a 2 and I never get below a 3-4. I say hold his favorite t-shirt hostage and give it a try;-)

  2. csgomez79 says:

    We checked around and they do have milk-share programs but they are way too expensive for me to consider. I can’t do that to my family.

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