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Fight for my rights!

on July 23, 2012

There is nothing that pisses me off more than a bully.  Right now, my disability company is the bully.  Picking me apart because of the incompetency of one doctor.  I was diagnosed by a rheumatologist at National Jewish in Denver, who did the tender points examination and said I was positive for every point.  The doctor said “I do believe that the patient is suffering from chronic pain syndrome (fibomyalgia).  Suck on that (big disability company)! With the help of my husband, I will be David with my slingshot, firing against a Goliath of a company.  They probably have more lawyers and doctors on their payroll to figure out how to screw the little guy than they do people to help their customers.  They are supposed to be a “back to work company”, which to me means they don’t care if you’re sick or not, they just don’t want to pay you anymore.


9 responses to “Fight for my rights!

  1. Becki says:

    Fight the good fight lady! I hope that they wise up, listen to your good doctor, and help you out again. I am so sorry that with everything else you have to deal with, you also have to fight against this terrible company.

  2. TTD says:

    You go get ’em! All us Fibro ladies are right behind you.

  3. Ginger Ray says:

    You go girl!! I fought the fight a few years ago and after 4 years of jumping through hoops, going to appointments that the insurance company requested, numerous calls and documentation to Prudential, 2 attorneys, etc. I lost the fight with Prudential. In the end, even though doctors said that I had Severe Fibromyalgia and would no longer be able to work for the forseeable future…… Prudential denied my claim saying that they wanted an X-ray or blood test to PROVE that I had Fibromyalgia (which doesn’t exist). I was approved with Social Security Disability in 2 months so now I have to get by on SSD instead of having disability pay from my employer. A company that I worked at for almost 20 years. I lost the fight, but you hang in there and fight for all it is worth. Please don’t take my comments as discouragement. I felt compelled to share my story to let you know what Insurance Companies can do.

    • csgomez79 says:

      Thanks Ginger Ray! It makes me sick what these insurance companies get away with. The saddest thing is that I worked at my company for 10 years before Fibromyalgia hit me fully. I have not had one person from my former job knock on my door in all that time. I had phone calls from my bosses wanting to know when I’d be back for the first couple months. I live in a small town, I worked at a community bank (we had fewer than 30 employees) and I live 3 blocks from where I worked. I haven’t blogged about it because it still hurts.

  4. I know this one too. It’s paramount to being called a liar. It;s true that the diagnostic criteria for FMS is changing. You can find an credible web site such as and go to Fibro.
    Knowing what your doctors know is the best defense. If they think that they are talking above your head they run with it. I fight back by being assertib=ve and knowledgeable about my disease as well as how to express my pain levels.

    I was delighted to find your alert in my elail today that you are now following my blog. I’m delighted. Fibromyalgiacs must stick together as a strong empwered movement. Sadly there are still providers out there that are in the dark ages where 28 yrs ago when I first became ill they said it was all in my head. Well how funny and ironic that they were both right and wrong. We are not faking it, makingering, etc.. but it’s true that the FMS does come from our brain. Our central nevous system. Don’t let the male doc’s who have little time for those like us with invisable pain give you a valium and right yiu off,
    Keep on fighting the good fight ~ BB

    • csgomez79 says:

      I agree with everything you said. I’ve probably got every book from our library on fibromyalgia checked out. I’m sick of being pushed around by doctors who don’t know enough about this illness.

      • I’m tired of it too. I’m really sad to say that it seems to never change. Relationships with doctors seem to wax and wane much like our symptomology does. Depending on the doctor you may find a supportive one, or not.
        And lately because the governemts have decided that the drug war should be held against a whole demographic of a particular disease group such as chronic pain, only because of a few bad apples and the fact that we are more vulnerable. And that they can put the fear of the doctors career in front of them.
        Being Disabled is about more than being a minority.

        Take care ~ BB

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