Fibronaut At Home

O Laundry Day

O Laundry Day

(sing to the tune of “O Christmas Tree”)

(lyrics by Susie aka Fibronaut at home)

O laundry day, o laundry day,

The chore I hate the most.

O laundry day, o laundry day,

The chore I hate the most.

My shoulders, arms and back and neck,

Are spasming-ing all to heck.

O laundry day, o laundry day,

The chore I hate the most.

(musical interlude, hum to yourself)

O laundry day, o laundry day,

Why must you try to kill me?

O laundry day, o laundry day,

Why must you try to kill me?

Who really needs clean underwear?

Just rinse them out or just go bare.

O laundry, o laundry day,

Why must you try to kill me?

(musical interlude, let’s whistle this time)

O laundry day, o laundry day,

No way it’s that time a-gain.

O laundry day, o laundry day,

No way it’s that time a-gain.

Just got last week’s loads put away.

Becoming nudist any day.

O laundry day, o laundry day,

No way it’s that time a-gain.


Merry Christmas everyone!

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TMI/NSFW/Nof for the little ones

My hubby sent me the following e-mail last Friday:

I told you so…Winking smile

 I thought you would be interested in this: The Hidden Health Benefits of Sex (

Now, I am willing to try just about anything when it comes to feeling better.  Yoga.  Meditation.  Acupuncture.  Supplements.  Gluten-free.  Grounding.  I’ve tried all of these with varying results.  Being the open-minded person I am and due to a severe headache along with various other fibro-related aches, I decided to put “sexual-healing” to the test.  I first tried a muscle relaxer, a naproxen, a heating pad and a eucalyptus-spearmint Epsom salt bath.  When the combination of these did nothing to dull the ache in my head, I decided to give my hubby the “benefit” (wink, wink) of the doubt and let him attempt to sex me back to health.  Well guess what?  It didn’t work!  I think my headache was actually worse.  And if you read the article and noticed that it says the big O is important, trust me, I do not have that problem.

I have further evidence that “sexual-healing” is not that effective in the treatment of fibromyalgia from last night as well.  Last night was BOW-CHICKA-WOW-WOW epic and today I am a waste of space.  My neck and the tender-points at the base of my skull hurt so bad.  We are getting a storm in and that probably doesn’t help but seriously.  This is a perfect example of the mind-screw that fibromyalgia is.  Even when you are enjoying something, when you pay so heavily for your enjoyment, you start to dread the thing that you love the most.

Another example of this is laughter.  They say laughter is the best medicine and I love to laugh.  If you don’t believe me, go to my Facebook page ( and watch the video from Sunday (you probably have to friend request first).  I enjoyed the heck out of that dinner.  The food, the conversation and the laughter.  But after a couple hours, my feet hurt from my boots, my butt hurt from the chair, my face hurt from the chewing/laughing/talking/smiling combination, my neck hurt from the hour-long drive to the restaurant and I was ready to lay my head down on the table for a nap.  I remembered the last time we ate there and ordered accordingly because even though I love crab legs, my arms and hands hurt so bad from cracking the last time and I just didn’t want to deal with that.  We also had my husband’s Christmas party the night before and it was the same thing.  The person we sat with at dinner had me cracking up but then my face hurt so bad I had to massage it to keep my cheeks from cramping.  I wore high heel boots for the first time since my diagnosis.  On our way to the second part of the party at a bowling alley, we had to buy me comfy slippers because my feet, legs and hips were starting to cramp up.  A couple people thought I was asleep at the bowling alley because I was sitting there in the middle of the party meditating because I hurt so bad.  Then a well-meaning person came up behind me and started to rub my shoulders.  I was polite but I really just wanted to go home at that point.

The busy weekend left me spending yesterday recovering and not getting much done.  Today, I’m obviously not feeling much better and I’m pretty exhausted.  My holistic doctor gave me a new medication to try when I absolutely have to get something done but don’t have the energy.  It is called Nuvigil and I only took a quarter of a pill because I’m so sensitive to medication.  It helped me get to the school to get the kids but I still hurt so I’m not sure I’ll get much else done today.  I think I can probably speak for my hubby in saying that we still hold out hope that the benefits of sex will outweigh the pain caused.  Maybe me and the hubby are doing it wrong.  We’ve had a lot of practice but there’s always room for improvement.



Fibro-Fog Much?

What you are about to read are real-life accounts of Fibro-Fog in action (minus the F-Bombs to protect the innocent).

Conversation with the hubby:

Me:  Oh man!  After I got done mixing the meatloaf I was so mad!

Hubby:  (Looking confused)  Mad?

Me:  Uh.  I meant to say I was in a lot of pain.  My arm is still spasming.  I’m going to stop talking now.

Side note: “I’m going to stop talking now” is my new catch phrase.

How I know there will be no multi-tasking for me today:

I picked up an empty soap box that the hubby left on the floor to throw away.  I only remember picking it up, but not what I did with it.  I went to brush my teeth but put soft-soap on my toothbrush instead.  Rolling my eyes at the full squirt of soft-soap that I got on there before I realized what I was doing, I start rinsing off my toothbrush.  While rinsing my toothbrush, I realized the washcloth I thought I rinsed out and threw in the hamper was still in the sink.  I went to throw the washcloth in the hamper and saw the empty soap box in the hamper instead of the trashcan.  So that’s where I put it.  Sigh.

There have been many more the last couple days months, but I forget what they are.

Wait!!!  I know I posted this yesterday, but I just remembered one and had to post it.

I can’t remember exactly what the hubby and I were talking about but I told him that someone’s middle name was May just like me.  He looked at me like I was crazy and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why.  Until I remembered that my middle name is Marie.  I was born in May.  Then I’m pretty sure I said my new catch phrase and left it at that.


Re-learn Something Every Day

I should know by now that trying to go to bed when I’m not feeling sleepy and I’m having noticeable pain is not a good idea.  It is like I forget all the years I’ve tossed and turned for hours before falling asleep and I decide that maybe if i just lay down, I’ll get lucky.  I should know that will probably never happen.  It is 12:20 am and my muscles are aching and feel worn out.  I can already feel the weather we’re supposed to get on Thursday.  I really hope the weather doesn’t start another Fibro flare.  I am just getting my house back in order after the last one and I have way too much to get done before the kids are home on Christmas break.

I feel like I just did laundry and already it needs to be done again.  Is it just me or does dirty laundry replicate itself in the laundry hamper?  Same question, only with dirty dishes?  I already know that all my children have to do is drop one piece of cereal on the floor and the instant the cereal hits it multiplies itself by five.  Also, my children can fill a glass full of water and not spill a drop but give them anything sugary-sticky and suddenly they have two left feet and no oppose-able thumbs.

Now that these late-night ramblings are off my chest I’m starting to feel sleepy.  Oh, wait.  I jinxed it.  I shouldn’t have acknowledged that I might be getting sleepy.  I give up.  Good night all.



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