Fibronaut At Home

The Nice Weather Curse

on March 14, 2013

Yesterday was the first day in the last couple weeks where we had nice weather.  I was up and about earlier than normal, feeling better than I have in months.  I think you know what’s coming.  I’m so behind on everything because we’ve had a couple snow storms come through and storms always wipe me out.  I started with dishes and loading the dishwasher.  Then I washed pans.  I swept the kitchen floor, moved the chairs out to the deck and ran the Mint a couple times so I wouldn’t have to mop.  Last week someone spilled blueberries in the crisper drawer so I washed that too.  I even emptied the dishwasher, which I usually save for the kids or for the next day.   By the afternoon I could barely move my arms.  I had to turn down the radio while driving so I could concentrate enough to stay on the road.  I could barely hold the wheel and my legs were having trouble pressing the gas and brake pedals.  Every single muscle hurt.  My hubby is sick and I had to go to the store for him.  I was in so much pain and walking so slow and I know the misery showed on my face.  I’m sure the checker thought the medicine was for me.  I took a hot bath and even that didn’t help.  I had two heating pads rotating from my feet to my knees to my hips to my hands to my arms to my shoulders to my back.  

Today I am no better.  I hurt my thumb twisting the bag of bread this morning.  I slept in but feel like I didn’t sleep at all.  I’m stiff and I hurt.  I have 4 hours before I have to pick up the kids but we need toilet paper and my hubby is still sick so that leaves me to go to the store.  It might be time to train the 11-year-old on running into the store for me.  I’ve only been awake two hours.  Is it too early to take a nap?


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