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What is Next?

on May 17, 2013

As I wrote yesterday, I received my Social Security Disability denial in the mail.  Bummer.  I wasn’t really surprised, just disappointed.  We will be contacting an attorney that we found on  I am dreading the continuation of this whole process.  Much of my anxiety is tied to feeling judged so the possibility of months of close scrutiny has me feeling, well, anxious.

I am also torn because I am only 34 years old.  Who wants to be disabled at my age?  No one.  I feel like I’m giving up by pursuing this disability claim.  I guess deep down, I am still wishing I could be the old me.  The letter from Social Security stated that my condition is stabilized on medications and while my conditions result in some limitations, I should not be prevented from performing work I’ve done in the past as a teller.  Tellers stand at a station all day.  Even when they sit, the amount of repetitive movement required would have me resting more than working.

I’m really trying to think positively.  I have more to say but the tablet is spazzing out and I am about to chuck it.


5 responses to “What is Next?

  1. TTD says:

    Oh to have them in our shoes for 24 hours. They’d soon change their tune then.

  2. jgs350 says:

    You are NOT a failure and that is the SSD standard “form” letter to go out of their way to discourage you and keep you from proceeding, which for their part a lot of people do. They play on your emotions. Do NOT let them defeat you and get you down. So what if your in your mid 30’s. It doesn’t mean it’s the end. If your health improves down the road you can return to work part-time or God willing full-time. But as it is now you CANNOT. I hope and pray with all my might the lawyer you get is as good as mine was. He dug up ALL my medical records, past and present-and I had a ton of them (25yrs migraines and in 2010 turned daily chronic & other health conditions as well) but I went to therapy and got counseling, major counseling, and I was also diagnosed w/depression which most of us with Chronic Illness have and it’s nothing to be worried about as being labeled “depressed”. But my therapists records that chronicled my major struggles, along with panic attacks and blinding migraines and the unconditional support from my therapist, Neurologist and lawyer helped me win my appeals hearing. If your not seeing a counselor now do so-it will greatly benefit your case as they can add medical data and records up to the day of your appeals hearing. And actually seeing a therapist will reinforce the positive aspects your NOT a failure and your getting all the help you can that is possible. But do NOT give up-fight for your appeal!! Don’t let them discourage you or get you down. And have someone take you to your appeal hearing as that as well is in your favor to do so. But there is NOT ONE THING WRONG with what your doing. It’s a long hard process and they make it that way on purpose-so that they discourage many to quit and they do on their 1st denial. Don’t let them have that satisfaction. NOPE. Get your boxing gloves on and come out swinging!! Keep us posted. Praying for your success. Julie

  3. nmbrsrgr8 says:

    I totally know how you feel about filing for SS. I have debated it for years. I never wanted anyone to look at me and say ‘ Why is SHE on SS.’. However the time does comes when our body just wont do the daily work anymore. And the pain that fogs are minds leaves little room for work.
    I stopped working a ‘desk job’ in Nov. I then hired a lawyer to get me through SS. I heard that getting SS with a desk job is much harder since they believe most people can work at a desk.
    I read your post and held my breath. My lawyer told me I have a 99 percent chance of being denied the first round.Even knowing I still dread the letter judging me. You have to share so much of your personal information with strangers going through this process and feel so vulnerable.
    Tonight my heart goes out to you. ((((((((((hugs)))))))))))

  4. Christine says:

    Hi!! I received the EXACT same letter a few days ago…and I’m 39, so I totally get how you feel.

    As if this is “fun,” right? Oh, yes, I went to graduate school and took on a bazillion loans just so I could sit around and make a fraction on disability of what I made before, right? Of course not!!

    I truly understand how you feel…you expressed it perfectly.

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