Fibronaut At Home

Dear Summer

on July 24, 2013

Dear Summer,

I waited all winter for you.  Through the cold and the snow, I longed for your warm embrace.  I dreamed of the day when you would finally hold me in your arms again.  I just knew that when you came, my pain would lessen, and I would no longer be a shadow of my former self.  With you, I would be better, stronger and happier.  With you, I could do anything.

Now you’re here and I wonder what the funk-n-wagnall’s I was thinking!  Almost every afternoon, your moody ass brings a chance for rain.  Every drop of the barometer is like a ton of bricks, weighing me down, making me sluggish and amplifying the pain.  By the time I’m up and moving in the afternoon, the storms start rolling in and by then, I’m in too much pain to accomplish much.  

In the winter, I could take a hot bath when the pain became too much.  With you, every storm brings lightning with the pain, leaving me without the hot bath relief.  So I use my heating pads, which makes me sweat like a pig.  Attractive, isn’t it?  Every muscle on my body hurts and so I rotate my two heating pads from one painful spot to the next.

When the sun is shining and I decide to relax in its warmth, whatever shorts I’m wearing feel like a million tiny little bees are stinging my skin.  If it is extremely hot and I go somewhere to escape the heat in air conditioning, the air conditioning makes me hurt.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I think it’s time we go our separate ways.  I know that sounds impossible, seeing as how I live in Colorado and you are, well, everywhere.  There is just no compromise to be had here.  My body needs some consistency in the weather, not all these mercurial weather patterns.  You know I love your beautiful flowers, longer days, singing birds and bountiful gardens, but I need more than just a pretty face.

Delusionally yours,

Fibronaut at Home


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