Fibronaut At Home


on August 22, 2013
Emma with four kitties!

Emma with four kitties!

The kids with Squishy Grandma.

The kids with Squishy Grandma.

Katie with one kitty, holding it baby style.

Katie with one kitty, holding it baby style.

Yesterday, we visited Squishy Grandma (My husband’s Grandma). Aunt Pauline was there. I cannot express how much I love these two women. They were some of the first of Cam’s extended family for me to meet. They greeted me with hugs and told me that they loved me already, just from what he had told them about me. When I was pregnant with Aden, Aunt Pauline and Squishy Grandma gave me great advice and always made me feel like I was beautiful. Side note: These ladies have been known to squeeze a pregnant ladies breast, pat a belly (pregnant or not, just had it happen yesterday) or smack a butt. LOL! During our visit yesterday, there were so many great conversations that I had a migraine last night from the pain in my face. Too much talking and too much smiling, but it was worth it. We talked about how our kids know when they’re in trouble. Mine was when I use my deep-mom-growl voice and Squishy’s was when she cursed at them. Aden got the remote (a huge honor is Squishy’s house) and turned it to Chiller. The movie he was watching was on a scene where two people were making out:

Me: Aden! What are you watching?!
Aden: Humans vs Zombies.
Squishy: Aden! What are you watching?!
Aunt Pauline: Aden! What are you watching?! Is this a sex movie? Are you becoming a perdvert? (That’s how she said it. LOL.) Why are you watching a sex movie?

At this point, Aden is bright red. He growls, yells “Fine! I’ll change it!” and flips to “Duck Dynasty”. LOLOLOLOL!!! So funny!

We talked about my illness and what I’m doing to feel better mentally. We talked about blogging and about how much fun getting to stay home with kids is. Aunt Pauline has Fibromyalgia and Lupus so she is a great support system. I hurt physically when I left but in my heart, I felt renewed.  And we played with kitties and pet her dogs.  Is there anything more fun than that?


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