Fibronaut At Home

A Difficult Question

on October 2, 2013

Today, I had to ask myself, “What do I need to accomplish today, in order to be able to love myself?”  I couldn’t go to my daughter’s helper day and that left me feeling similar to the way I felt when I had to stop working.  If I can’t do that, I shouldn’t do anything.  I walked through my house, noticing everything that had to be done, that I would not be getting to today.  Then, I noticed my toothbrush, all ready to go, from yesterday.  I had put toothpaste on it, only to realize I had just brushed my teeth.  I decided to leave it for later, then forgot about it again.

Brushing my teeth was step one.  Step two, was opening the shades.  Step three, was starting on the dishes that were overflowing the sink.  I sat down, when I became to tired to stand and decided I would leave the pots for someone else.  My arms and hands were weak and shaking when I was done, but I accomplished the one thing I had decided I could handle today.  I didn’t even realize that I had begun with the idea that I’d be happy with myself today, if I accomplished the dishes, until I was rinsing.  I focused on sitting up straight and flexing my abdomen, which I’ve noticed help my back.

Afterward, I almost broke down again because I realized I was hungry and had no energy left to make lunch.  It took three looks through the kitchen, but I finally remembered the leftover chicken enchiladas.  I opened the front door and the backdoor, so I could listen to the birds sing.  Next on the agenda, is picking up kids from school in 2 1/2 hours.  I believe I’ll be resting until then.

The next time you are in a flare, ask yourself this question:

“What do I need to accomplish today, in order to be able to love myself?”

Be kind to yourself, be reasonable, and don’t overwhelm yourself.  Choose a simple task that has been bugging you, and then be happy with your choice.


9 responses to “A Difficult Question

  1. TTD says:

    Proud of you for being able to love yourself today 🙂

    • csgomez79 says:

      Thanks. I kind of lost it when I forgot to pick my son up from school. On Wednesday, he doesn’t have cross-country practice, but I forgot that. He called me about 15 minutes after school let out to ask where I was.

  2. This is such good advice. I shall keep it in mind and ask myself it whenever I need. I totally know the shaking weak arms after washing up. That is very familiar. I hope your resting made picking your kids up not too awful.

  3. Julie says:

    Great post and what an excellent question to help us prioritize and choose what’s really important. Some days just getting out of bed is all we can do. We just have to remember to do that one thing.

  4. Michelle says:

    I can really appreciate your advice at the end of your post.

  5. Julie Ryan says:

    This is such a great post. I’ve revisited it a couple of times now. It’s such a great reminder that we need to love ourselves and that should be the most important things.

  6. […] “What do I need to do today to love myself?” I read this a while back and it struck me. So often we allow ourselves to get overwhelmed with all that we think we have to do. The dishes are piled up, the carpet hasn’t been vacuumed in a month, perhaps you have kids that need your attention, a spouse, a job, school, whatever it is. I know that’s pretty much life (sans kids). I make myself a running “to do” list using Google Tasks and I’m still learning how to not allow it to overwhelm me. I’m constantly tweaking how I look at the list and yet still there are days that I just get overwhelmed by it all. I don’t even put things on there like “do the dishes” or “fold clothes” although maybe I probably should. On the other hand, if I end up doing those things in a day and doing so distracts me from things that ARE on the list, I write in the chores I did so that I can remind myself I DID accomplish something. […]

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