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Happy Halloween!!!

on November 1, 2013

I know, I’m late.  I was really going to post this yesterday, but after two Halloween parties in one day, I was not feeling very bueno.  It didn’t help that I didn’t get much sleep on Halloween Eve, either, but my nails looked pretty.



Here’s how my day went:

  • Wake up at 6:45 am.  Meds, yogurt, coffee, then drive the kids to school.  You may notice that I don’t mention getting dressed.  That’s because I take my kids to school in my jammies on Tuesday and Thursday, because Emma stays at home and I don’t have to get out of the car.  Depending on the pajama pants I’m rocking, M-W-F may also be wear-your-jammies-to-drop-off-the-kids days.
  • Rest until 9 am then shower.  Can I just say, THANK GOD IT IS WINTER!!!  Shaving is optional.  If I don’t need to wash my hair, I can be in and out of the shower in 2 minutes.
  • 9:35 am, drive to Emma’s Halloween party.
  • Help serve the little munchkins for about half an hour, until I feel faint and realize I better sit down PDQ.
  • Follow Emma around from activity to activity, sitting whenever possible.  At this point, I couldn’t really hide the pain or fatigue anymore.  Emma didn’t notice, so that was good.
  • 11:40 am, drag Emma out of the party, because I still have to drive the 7 minutes home and I’m not even sure I can make it to the car.
  • Eat a quick lunch and take a nap while Emma watches TV.
  • 1:15 pm.  Already?  For real?  I feel like I’ve slept 5 minutes.  Up and out the door again.
  • 1:30 pm, stand around and then sit around at Katie’s party, while other Mom’s Mom it like a boss.  At this point, I had Emma asking other Mom’s to help her get treats.  We walked part of the parade route, which was absolutely ridiculous, because then, we had to walk through classrooms, where kids got to see what a hot mess Mom looks like.  Plus, Emma ran into a door handle, which prompted me to sprint her through that room, which messed up the kids on which way they were supposed to go.  That room had one of those Moms who couldn’t take that and caused a traffic jam trying to get them to go the correct way.  Then we walked by the playground.  It only took about 5 minutes before I deemed it acceptable to drag a screaming Emma off the equipment.  I just couldn’t handle the cold any more.
  • 3:30 pm.  Get all the kids home.  Sit on couch, under blankets, with rotating heating pads and musical massage music on the iPod.  Rest until, THANK GOD, Grandpa and Grandma show up and take Emma trick-or-treating.  Aden and Katie did a few houses by themselves.
  • Cam brought home pizza and I only had to deal with a minimal amount of trick-or-treaters while Cam took the kids around the neighborhood.
  • 9 pm.  Blissful sleep.

Today, I hurt like a mofo.  And I’m exhausted.  But, I don’t care.  It was so awesome to just be there for my kiddos yesterday.  Three years ago, I wasn’t even driving.  I’ll take this win.  

2 responses to “Happy Halloween!!!

  1. Trisha says:

    Wow! And I was complaining about my day being too busy! I’m glad you able to make it through all that. It’s always worth it to see the kids having fun.

  2. My husband used to take my youngest trick or treating once I got sick…it was probably one of the hardest things I had to give up. Rest well!

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