Fibronaut At Home

Snow Storm Positives

1.  My hubby picked up the kids from school, so I didn’t have to drive in the 6+ inches of snow.


2.  This storm is the first this winter to not coincide with my period.  Seriously.  It started to feel like Mother Nature had something against me.

3.  The birds are cold and hunkering down in the bushes and trees and because of all the white, I can see them really well.


4.  My Denver Broncos play in the Super Bowl this weekend.  I hadn’t planned on doing much anyway, but now I have the perfect excuse to not do anything.  I began my orange and blue nail painting today and I don’t want to have to do my nails again before Sunday.  Also, I need to really rest up if I don’t want to be completely bump-on-a-logging it next week.   Go Broncos!



Random Cleaning: The Happiness Booster

I have discovered something.  Just cleaning one little random thing a day, makes me happy.  Here is the trick.  Pick something that has been bugging you lately.  For instance, yesterday, I picked the shelf in my bathroom.  It’s dusty.  I see it every day and every day, it’s sticking its tongue out at me, saying, “Look at me!  And there’s nothing you can do about it!”  So I moved crap off of it and dusted it yesterday.  Instant boost to my happiness factor.  There are things I have to do every day, like dishes, showering and picking up the kids from school.  Just because those take the majority of my energy, doesn’t mean I can’t sneak in one little task that makes me feel just a little bit more in control of my day.  I don’t go crazy.  I didn’t clean the rest of the bathroom.  Just that one little thing made my day.


If It Ain’t Broke…

This post has been a couple months in the making.  In my life pre-fibro, I was a pretty efficient person.  If I could, I cut out unnecessary steps wherever, whether at work or home.  Post-fibro, I’ve had to become much more of a pacer.  Getting the job done without hurting myself, has become my main priority.  Last month I had an epiphany.  I thought that I could make laundry easier on myself, if I worked on it every day.  I decided that if I washed, dried and folded a load, every day, I’d always be “caught up” because I would not longer have baskets full of dirty, washed, dried, or folded laundry.  No more laundry purgatory.

Boy was I wrong.  The biggest obstacle was having to work on laundry every day, whether I felt like a lump of doggie doo or not.  The bad days were bad.  We have four laundry hampers, which I would dig through, looking for the specific load I was washing that day.  Then, the next day, I’d have to pick a new load to wash.  Basically, every day, when I’d just start to feel like I could maybe accomplish something, I’d have to do the thing I hate most in this world.  Not surprisingly, after two weeks of this, I gave up.  Even though I thought I’d been washing each type of load equally, my son ran out of pants and underwear, so at least two types of load were being missed.  Plus, some days, especially the doggie doo days, I “forgot” to work on laundry.

The good days, I had no trouble doing the one load, but then other things were being put off.  In using all that energy just for the laundry, which I think I mentioned I hate doing, I wouldn’t feel like getting anything else done.  When I do dishes, the natural progression is to clean counter tops and then all those clean spaces make me want to clean the floor.  Getting a load of laundry done, when the hamper still has a ton of clothes in it doesn’t entice me to do anything but wash more laundry.  As long as I’m digging through the laundry looking for a specific type of load, I might as well separate it all and keep washing.  If I’m able to get all the loads washed and dried, I can enlist people to help me fold and put away.  At least they are clean, so even if they don’t get put away, people can dig for what they need.  I just have to get better at ignoring baskets of clean laundry, no matter what state it’s in, when I don’t have the ability to get it folded or put away.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the way I do laundry may not be very efficient and it may take me 4 days minimum to finish, but it works.  I might not be very efficient any more, but I’m not twiddling my thumbs either.


Staying in the Zone

I haven’t posted as much as I’ve wanted to over the last month.  I’ve been guilt tripping myself whenever I think about my blog, and that was not the purpose of my blog.  I’ve had to revisit why I decided to start a blog about my fibro and chronic fatigue.  As a result, I feel less stressed about whether I’m posting “enough” or not.  I’ve also made a goal to post more on my sewing blog, which is more a “Look what I can do” blog, than anything else.  I get so much happiness and fulfillment in cataloging my creative side.  For a while, I was considering dumping on or the other of my blogs, but I’ve since decided to create a balance between the two.  It’s kind of like feeling guilty for spending more time with one of my children.  If I give them equal time, everyone will be happy.

I’ve really been focusing on my posture and my breathing lately.  When I go to pick up my kids, I put my seat closer to the wheel and in a more upright position.  This helps my arms because I’m stretching them less and it makes me feel more alert and less like I’m so comfortable I just might nod off while driving.  If I find myself zoning out, I turn up the radio and force myself to check my mirrors.  I  check my posture and if I’m clenching the steering wheel or my teeth, I loosen my body and take some deep breaths.  If one of my legs or arms is hurting, I try to give that limb a break.  I keep them in position, in case I need to use them, but I relax them as much as possible.  A lot of my pain comes from clenching my muscles in response to my environment.

We have a new computer, which has it’s advantages over my old laptop.  My old laptop has charging problems and that created another level of stress.  It makes this horrible noise when the battery is running low, then we have to go through this ritual of unplugging the charging cord and manipulating it so that the laptop charges.  The new computer is set up at the kitchen table, which forces me to get off the couch and sit in a normal chair.  There is a lot of light in our kitchen and I get my daily dose of sunshine, which is so important.  I also practice good posture while browsing the internet and focus on keeping my shoulders lowered and my breathing even.  If I’m clenching my teeth, I open my mouth and wiggle my neck to relax those muscles.

I killed my third heating pad.  I’ve decided to give up on that.  A hot washcloth in a plastic bag, with a towel around it works just as well and there is no fire hazard there.  I’ve found a simple pattern for making a rice filled heating pad that you microwave for 10-15 seconds and I’ve decided I’m going to make a couple of those.

My Social Security hearing is next month.  STRESS!  I have done everything I can do to prepare for this event, so I’m doing my best to just let it go.  Helping my doctor fill out the questionnaire made me feel hopeful.  My attorney told me that the judge I have relies heavily on what my doctor says, and I’m confident that my doctor understands my condition and abilities and is able to convey the difficulties I face on a daily basis.  That is all that I wanted in a doctor.  Understanding.

I’ve really been working on being kinder to myself.  Today, for instance, has been challenging.  There is a storm front blowing through and I didn’t sleep well last night.  I’m on my second cup of coffee, which usually stresses me out.  I feel like, if I have to drink a second travel mug of coffee, I’ve somehow failed for the day.  I have acknowledged those feelings and then told myself, “who cares”.  And then I breathe and I’m good.  Accept it and move on.  I know from experience that on days like today, a shower and picking the kids up from school may be all I accomplish.  That is okay.  Actually, if you count sitting upright and typing this, I’ve accomplished more that I normally would on a bad day.

Off to the shower, then gentle thoughts, maybe a nap, and then picking up kids.  I can do this.


Hair Help

I just discovered these Spin Pins by Goody this past month.  They are amazing.  They hold my hair in place easy and without poking my head or pulling my hair.  The box gives you several ideas and teaches you how to use them.  Basically, you put your hair how you want it and then spin them into your hair.  I think they were $3.99 at Target.  I got the minis because my hair is so thin but they also make a larger size.  The thing I like the most, is that even if you are too tired to get your hair into a perfect ponytail for your bun, the way they hold your hair, you can pull off a messy look that looks pretty at the same time.  The little balls on the end keep them from poking your head.  I wear them all day with no headaches like I get from scrunchies pulling my hair or bobby pins poking my head.  I even wear them while I’m resting and don’t even notice them when I’m laying on them.  Fibronaut at Home tested and approved.


*I feel like I should mention that I bought these and this isn’t a paid advertisement.  It really irks me when the blogs I read do that.


Fibro Fog Is…

…playing a game on your phone for hours because you’re too tired to do anything else.  Then, you remember that you texted someone and they haven’t texted you back.  You holler for your kids to find your phone.  They can’t find it anywhere.  You’re still playing your game.  You tell them to look on the kitchen counter, look back at your game and realize, you’ve had your phone in your hand the entire time.  You say never mind, realize the someone you texted hasn’t called you either.  You keep playing your game.  Two hours later, you remember that person did text you back, and you even replied several times, earlier that day.



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