Fibronaut At Home


Note:  Please read the title in Forrest Gump voice.  Thank you.

Part of my trial-and-error workout program is doing what I think I will enjoy.  My gut has been steering me towards running lately.  Not sure where this instinct came from, but on my walks with my dog and kids, I’ve been feeling like, “I can do eet!”  So I did.

I started slow, running behind Emma on her bicycle or in her Barbie Jeep.  My older two came along sometimes, but mostly it was Emma, Chewie and me.  I have an iPod Nano that will track my walks and my runs.  The music helps me find and keep a pace.  The first day, I ran sporadically, whenever Emma decided to go a little faster than a crawl.  Every day, I ran a little more.  Chewie, Emma and I all needed some practice coordinating who goes where and other logistics, but we have a pretty good routine down.

Well, we did.  Emma just started Kindergarten yesterday.  Now it’s just me and the dog, unless we go after school.  After going on one previous run with just me and Chewie, I wasn’t about to run yesterday.  Running without Emma to watch out for and direct allows me more time to think.  If I’m not careful, I get all up in my head and forget to concentrate on how I’m running.  Pretty soon, my shoulders are tense, I’m not breathing well and I’m feeling discouraged and negative and thinking on all things bad.

Here’s what I did today.  When my brain started rambling, I checked in with my shoulders and loosened them up.  I checked in with my breathing and made sure I was taking deep breaths and letting them out slowly.  I keep my head up and looking ahead instead of looking at the ground.  I made sure my chest was out, with my shoulders lowered and my tummy in.  I’m not sure if I’m doing this running thing correctly, but these things all seem to make the going easier.  Then, I just made a running loop in my head of all these things.  Almost like meditating while running.  Once you’re checking in with your body is automatic and something you don’t have to focus so much on, you go into your happy place.

When I get home, I stretch, take deep breaths and eat fresh fruit or veggies.  I think it helps with any sore muscles I may have.  

I’m up to a mile now.  I only stop if I need to stretch something out, or if we have a situation (other dogs, Emma meltdown, etc.).  I even pushed Emma on her bike, while running with Chewie and while she was screaming about her legs hurting.  I feel you, Emma!

Next month, I’m playing on a rec volleyball team with my hubby.  I cannot wait.  I never thought I’d be able to play volleyball again.  Like everything else I’m doing, I’ll stay positive, keep my head up with a smile on my face and remember to breathe.  Shoulders back, check.  Teeth unclenched, probably not, but that’s why I have to check.  Take a deep breath in, let it out slowly.  You got this.

anteater got this

Running soundtrack:  So far I’ve run to Paramore, The Ting Tings, Panic At The Disco, Rihanna, and Young The Giant.

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Music is My Favorite Medicine

No matter how I’m feeling, either physically or emotionally, music helps me get where I need to be more than anything else.  I’m sure I’d be in a lot more pain if I didn’t take my Naproxen and Baclofen.  I can’t sleep without a Baclofen and an Amitriptyline.  But the medicines I take aren’t always prescribed by the doctor.

Every night, I listen to Bedtime Beats: The Secret to Sleep after I take my nighttime meds at 9 pm.  They help me to chill out and focus on relaxation.  If I watch TV with my hubby, I usually have more trouble falling asleep, so I also limit that at night.

Every morning, I start my day sitting at my kitchen table (no bed laying or couch sitting when I’m trying to wake up), listening to American Authors, Young the Giant, The Ting Tings, New Politics, Paramore and OneRebuplic, just to name a few.  These bands all have songs that are very positive and encouraging.  They make me want to get up and get things done.  One of my favorites, that has really inspired me and become a mantra for me is Young the Giant’s, My Body.  The entire chorus is often sung at the top of my lungs:

My body tells me no 
But I won’t quit 
Cause I want more 
Cause I want more
My body tells me no 
But I won’t quit 
Cause I want more 
Cause I want more

I also love a song by Bleachers, I Wanna Get Better.  In my car or at my house, I sing the chorus and I believe it.  I do want to get better.  Every day I work on it and every day I make progress.

The entire American Authors album is awesome.  On Believer:

I’m just a believer
That things will get better
Some can take it or leave it
But I don’t wanna let it go

You guessed it.  I sing this at the top of my lungs too.  Don’t get me started on my family’s favorite, Best Day Of My Life.

I could go on and on about the music that puts me in the mood to kick some ass and take some names.  I also listen to Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Folk and anything else that has a good beat and gets me out of my head.  Yesterday, there was some drama in my life and the song that snapped me out of it was Lily Allen’s, F*** You.  It’s a little bit naughty and if your offended by the f-bomb (the four letter word, not fibro, though, aren’t we all offended by fibro?), it may not be for you.  But when I’m angry, it helps to sing this at the top of my lungs and imagine that person standing in front of me.  I also really like Florence and the Machines’, Shake It Off.

Please share if you have any music that helps you get going.  I’m always looking for new songs to add to my “get off my butt” playlist.  I should also add that, while I like country music, it gets me all emotional, so I don’t generally listen to it.  Some Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Sugarland (their Incredible Machine album got me through some tough times), and The Band Perry is about all I can take.

Music is healing.  I cannot tell you the times a song has talked me down or lifted me up.  One of the most depressing things for me, at the beginning of my fibro, was not being able to shake my booty to the beat.  It devastated me.  Well, I’m very happy to say that I’m to the point where I can shake my booty again and often do.  It keeps me loose and makes me smile.  May you shake your booty like no one’s watching and sing like no one can hear you (even if your neighbors stare and all the dogs in the vicinity howl).

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We Got This Wednesday

This post is brought to you by my daughter’s Kindle Fire.  My laptop’s battery is being estupido. 

–  I kicked major booty yesterday.  Thanks to the mild weather with no storm in the forecast until next week, I was able to sweep and mop my kitchen and bathroom, do dishes, work on laundry and take my kids to the park.  We found giant maple leaves to hang up for fall decorations.

–  I made baby booties and bibs for my sister and my niece.

–  I attended my niece’s baby shower.  It was so nice to just relax with family and have fun with some of my favorite people.

–  I went to my kids’ parent-teacher conferences on Friday morning. They went great.  My kids are doing awesome.

–  I’ve been recycling, which has given me lots of happy-doing-something-good-for-the-earth feelings.

–  I have maintained my weight, despite the flare days where I do nothing.  I have made it a goal to find something positive to tell myself about my appearance every day.

–  TMI:  I’ve been listening to hip hop while I do my post-shower routine.  While I’m warm from the hot water, I dance naked.  Totally puts a smile on my face and loosens up my muscles.  **CHEESE**  BTW:  I am in the bathroom and the door is locked, so no one can see me.  The naked dancing doesn’t leave the bathroom.

Hope you all have found some things this week to make yourself smile, laugh and appreciate life.  Love yourself.

I can’t figure out how to share a video in my post on this device but, go to YouTube and look up Paramore’s “Anklebiters”.

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We Got This Wednesday!

  • I remembered that it was Wednesday and that I was going to make “We Got This Wednesday” a weekly thing.  Then, I actually remembered to do this post and did it, before I could forget again.  High Five!


  • I went grocery shopping this morning.  You can expect a “Flare” post tomorrow, when I can move again.
  • I learned something new, while grocery shopping.  When buying frozen vegetables, pick them up last, then you can put them on places that ache before you put them in the grocery basket.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I am someday featured on “People of Wal-Mart” doing this.
  • I got inspired on some sewing projects.  I haven’t done anything yet, but I’m super excited to someday get to doing these ideas that are in my head.
  • My hubby and I managed to work a New Kids On The Block song into a discussion with our son on why he needs to just sleep in his own bed, without the hall light on downstairs.  It was epic.


  • While listening to Paramore and doing laundry, my kids were in trouble for fighting.  “Ain’t It Fun” ( from their new CD came on.  Both of the older kids were blaming each other for the fight.  As I started to explain how each of them played a part in the outcome, the lyrics below came on.  I just sang along to the kids.  Pissed them off even more.  Payback time!

Don’t go crying, to your Momma, ’cause you’re all alone, in the real world. (Repeat 4 times)

Ain’t it fun?  Ain’t it fun?

Baby, now you’re one of us.

Ain’t it fun?  Ain’t it fun?


Comment if you’d like with your positives from the last week, or share this idea on your own blog.



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